Post Season Information

Post Season Information

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All Stars and Post Season notes

Teams are formed from players that participated in the regular season.

Players must have played at least 50% of their regular season games to be eligible.

All Star Coaches are selected in October. They must be certified and age division trained.

Assistant Coaches must be certified and age division trained, also.

All Star teams are balanced.

Coaches cannot draft or form teams until after November 15th.

The draft shall be administrated by neutral, objective board members.  A serpentine draft shall be used to select the players for each team in the draft.  Coaches shall agree upon the ratings of their respective children.  Coaches shall agree upon their fellow coaches assistants and the ratings of their assistant’s children.  Coaches shall share information regarding players that have said they would not or could not play in the post season.

When selecting players, coaches shall consider players’ parents in making their decisions.

Coaches select players.  Players do not select the teams they play on.  If a player is selected for a particular team, and they decide not to play, they are not eligible for any other post season team.  There is an exception to this with Select teams formed after the player’s conflict is gone.

Each post season team must have three referees representing them so that they can participate in tournaments.

Region 122 will not pay for all star uniforms.

Region 122 will pay for the Area All Star playoffs.

All tournaments will be paid for by the all star teams

Region 122 will pay for practice fields, if necessary, up through the Area All Star playoffs.

Each team must arrange for their own practice field.

Each team must have their own referees for tournaments.  This is important when selecting players for teams. U14 teams should have Intermediate Referees.

Each team shall supply team checks to offset region checks that are written for tournaments.

There are no scholarships allowed for all star teams or players.  If a team has a player that needs a scholarship, they should configure their funding to accommodate that.

Tournaments fill up quickly.  To maximize chances of getting into tournaments, teams should apply as soon as possible.

Either the Post Season Director, one of the Assistant Commissioners, or the Commissioner can sign tournament applications and rosters.

Only the Treasurer can provide checks.

Club teams have agreed not to take any all star players between November 15th and April 15th.

All Area All Star rules apply to our region.

Some tournaments only require teams to meet the National AYSO standard of playing half of the game.  Our Region and Area both have the three quarter rule.  No player may play four quarters unless all players have played three quarters.  This participation rule shall take precedent over tournament rules.

All star coaching is a privilege.  Our coaches are representing our region.  Coaches reprimanded for yelling at referees or tournament staff will be suspended or removed.

The treasurer will set up sub-accounts in Quickbooks for each all star team.  When referee deposits are returned to the region, they will be credited to each specific team’s sub-account.  At the end of the all star season, the treasurer will reconcile each team’s account with their team parent or coach.

All teams are REQUIRED to help with the Splash Tournament on the first weekend in June.

All of our teams will be given free entry into our Splash tournament.

Each coach should outline their expectations with their team and players at the start of the all star season.  They should decide how many tournaments they want to go to, how much it will cost and work out a payment plan for their team.

The Post Season Director, one of the Assistant Commissioners, or the Commissioner will interpret any of these rules and help any clarifications.

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