Practice Fields 2015

Real-estate, being a precious resource in our beautiful part of the world, leaves us with limited practice field availability. Because of the limited availability, AYSO prioritizes premium field usage for our older divisions (U12, U14, U16-19).


For Insurance purposes, AYSO is required to know where all teams are practicing. AYSO insurance coverage begins on August 24th, 2015. Hence, August 24th is the first day that practices can begin.

AYSO Practice Guidelines:

Age Number of Practices
Per Week
Maximum Time
Allowed Per Practice
U6 1 1 hour
U7 1 1 hour
U8 1 1 hour
U9 2 1.5 hours
U10 2 1.5 hours
U11 2 1.5 hours
U12 2 1.5 hours
U14 2 1.5 hours
U16/U19 2 2 hours


AYSO National has requested that 1 adult of each gender be in attendance at each practice.

In some cases, more than one team is assigned the same field as the same time. For example, full soccer fields are divided in half for practice; school fields are divided into sections to accommodate more than one team. See provided maps for practice field layouts.

Please be courteous to other coaches and teams.

Field Requests:

Field requests are handled in the order received.  Check out the Field Assignments page to see approved requests.

Click on one of the links below to learn more about how to request practice time at the various venues.

Goleta Parks and Open Spaces
Goleta Schools
Montecito Parks and Schools
Santa Barbara County Parks
Santa Barbara Elementary Schools
Santa Barbara Junior High Schools
Santa Barbara City Parks

Please do not make direct contact with any of the above locations until you’ve received request approval. In many cases AYSO approval is all you need.

Schools that require coach to contact Principal after AYSO approves request:

Monte Vista
Vieja Valley
Cold Springs
Montecito Union

The Hope School District, at all three campuses, requires teams to pay a usage fee for the fields.This is handled by individual coaches.

Peabody, Hope School District, and Montecito Union only allow teams containing students who attend those schools to practice on their field.

AYSO Commissioner

John Maloney

Coach  Administrator

Hugh Hollis

Referee Administrator

Simon Manson-Hing

Web Support

Cindy Kennedy